Have You Followed the Proper Ways for Urgent Air Freight Shipment?

Air freight is the best option for those who need to ship their package urgently which by sea or ground transportation may take longer. Compared to the longer time taken by sea or ground shipment, urgent air freight shipment can be more cost-effective. That’s the reason why before shipping your package ensures to follow the proper ways in the following.


Choosing Your Shipping Service

There are several considerations that you should put in mind before choosing the shipping service. At first, you need to consider the time and cost. When you want to find the quickest method of freighting goods, moreover, when you need to send goods urgently, then air freight shipment is the one.However, as you get quicker shipping time, you should know why urgent air freight is cost most expensive than others. So, you need to calculate the urgency, destination and required the budget to help you decide that air freighting is the right method for your shipment.You can also compare various air freight shipping services to get the best price and methods.

Rather than urgent air freight shipping company, you can also ship your goods to airlines. Most of the airline companies offer services for cargo freight shipment. For cargo charge, you need to pay additional fees you can hold your goods on the plane. However, some airline shipping services don’t offer pickups and delivery to the destined address. In this way, you might need to find a way to deliver the package and spend more money for it. So, airline shipping is more convenient if you plan on taking a trip along with your shipment.

Measuring Your Shipment

The weight and dimensions of your shipment will affect the overall cost of urgent air freight. So, by measuring the weight and dimension in advance, you can calculate how much budget would be spent on it. First, weigh your shipment by using a scale. If you don’t have a scale at home, you can weight them at the shipping services. Next, measure your delivery to find the dimensions by using a tape or ruler. If the shipment isn’t square or rectangular, you can measure from the most extensive points. Write down the width, height, and length in inches to estimate the size. By finding the dimensions, you can choose the right package for your shipment. Ensure to pack the item properly, so your shipment will safely reach the destination. Particularly for the fragile item, don’t forget to add foam or bubble wrap.

Shipping Your Shipment

After packing the item and choose the urgent air freight shipping services, you can bring them over to receive a quote. Then, bring the package to the shipping services’ stores to finalize the weight and dimensions. The employee will help you to find the rates, values, and methods. After paying all the required fees, declare the value to know the liabilities for your package. You can also purchase insurance to guarantee your package from damage, loss, or misplaced.

Don’t hesitate to ask more questions about the shipping services about the related information or requirements for the shipping methods. As you are sure for taking air freighting methods, you can send off your package with more ease.