Best Rated Running Shoes for Best Results

I know that I used to buy only that particular issue. I didn’t always want to read yet more articles about the latest marathons or how to buy best running shoes and so on, or even columnist George’s philosophy on running. But the shoe issue was a good reason to spend the money for a copy, and then keep it until the next year.

Best Rated Running Shoes are What You Want for Your Feet

Actually, I wasn’t that much of a long term, consistent and regular runner. But when I did get that itch to go out running, I wanted the best shoes, even though not too many years ago I ran plenty of track and cross country workouts, and cross country races, in regular tennis shoes — probably Keds sneakers.

And of course, back in those days before all the extensive research into running, feet and the effects of high mileage on both shoes and feet, and the availability of high tech materials, the best rated shoes for that time would be laughed at now. Not high tech enough for serious runners, and yet manufactured with too high of a quality for Wal-Mart (where I bought a pair of running shoes that fell apart in less than two months, so I didn’t get the bargain I thought I did at first.)

And in those days I also wore the running shoes everyplace I went, because they just feel more comfortable than ordinary shoes. When I wasn’t running, I’d wear Rockport walking shoes, and those were pretty good, but running shoes are even better, no matter where I go.

ASICS Gel Nimbus

ASICS Gel Nimbus 18 Running Shoes

I’ve a standard width foot & high arch’s. I’d stocked up on the years of the 12 past because they were the greatest shoe ever. I eventually wore through my stash training for my first full marathon & 4 half marathons. I credit that entirely to wearing the appropriate footwear for turning them in when they hit their prime & my foot. I waited until my local sport good shop got the 18’s & could not wait to attempt on!

I was thrilled with the new Nimbus 18’s! It’s encouraging, cushioned, & appealing. I feel like I am running on clouds! I actually adore the lacing that is regular they brought back also! I have taken my 18’s on 3 runs up to now, & as always with my Nimbus’, haven’t had one blister. I got the pink colour that is quite a neon pinkish coral, which seems fantastic with pink, my red & orange colours that I normally wear. I also attempted on several other recommendations at my local running shop (Brooks, Asics Cumulus), but understood from the first attempt that these were my soul mate shoes. If you’ve got high arch’s I’d urge these all the way! I am in love with them!

ASICS GEL-Nimbus 18 Running Shoe Feature

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Full-length Guidance Line
  • Biomorphic Fit upper
  • GEL-cushioning in midsole
  • PHF heel
  • ComforDry sockliner
  • Lightweight and responsive, this neutral trainer delivers cushion and comfort mile after mile.

I would like to preface this review by saying: running shoe fit is quite a private matter. Since I am not a heavy man and run less than 20 miles per week, the wizards were largely directing me toward neutral shoes with pillow that was lighter. Every single on-line wizard I attempted proposed the Asics Gel-Cumulus and the Brooks Ghost for me.

I attempted both shoes in the shop, and neither kept me from jogging on the sides of my feet. So then I attempted the Asics Gel-Nimbus and the Brooks Glycerin (along with a few other shoes that I enjoyed less than both of these). For both shoes, the salesman was pleased with the pairs that were a full size (not merely a half size) upward from my regular shoe size. Plus, I guess this shoe will run a tad little in the first place. I discovered the Glycerin overly broad for me, we went a size up.

The toe box felt overly large, although the toe was the right space from the front of the shoe. And in spite of the knot of a running shoe, my heel did not feel safe. I was not actually feeling the pillow the Glycerin was understood for, although perhaps it was because the shoe was not quite close enough. It could be a narrow fit was wanted by me in this shoe, but I never got around to attempting that. I found the Asics Gel-Nimbus to be a somewhat more narrow shoe than the Brooks Glycerin.

I sense the soft pressure of the pillow against my feet, despite truly being a size bigger than I usually wear. While I run, I feel the pillow under my arches–which means I am running on the sides of my feet and not over my arches! My feet feel lighter and a lot more comfortable than they did in my previous shoe. For more in-depth information you should read Asics gel nimbus 18 running shoe review.

Anything But the Best Rated Running Shoes Are Not Worth Your Money

Nike Running Shoes

Mmm, the Cheap Junk brand from Wal-Mart isn’t on the list. I wonder why? Actually I don’t even remember the brand name of that pair of shoes, so maybe it is. And I don’t want to put down Wal-Mart too much. I save a lot of money by shopping there. When it has something you know is high quality, and they have it for a cheaper price, then it’s good to buy it there.

But I’ve learned not to buy just anything there, just to get a cheap price. Research what you’re buying.

I wish they had the Brooks Beast at Wal-Mart, but instead I have to go to the local running store which has to pay a more in overhead, but the staff are experienced runners themselves who take the time to evaluate my feet and stride and the wear on my existing shoes, to see what kind would suit me best. Or I might not have bought the pair of Brooks the Beast which I’m so happy with. They’re certainly not the cheapest pair available.


I also have to admit that in the mid-1970s I paid around $50 for a pair of high quality running shoes, and that seemed extremely expensive then, but I didn’t want to ruin my feet. At $140, the Brooks Beast is comparatively cheaper, because $50 in 1975 dollars is probably at least $150 in 2010 dollars — maybe more.

And it is more possible to buy a shoe that is better suit to your feet and running needs.

When you look for the best rated running shoes you do have to take your individual circumstances into account. Your feet, how much you run, where you run, whether you’re going to race or just get in shape, and so on.